You get up early on the weekend to feed your kids, your old-lady is still in the sack and you want to make some delicious stone-cut oatmeal. Your water is boiling and you go to your pantry to get some dried fruit and honey for flavoring. Your honey looks odd though.


Shitballs. That’s crystallized. You aren’t using that honey today. Or are you?

If you happen to have a baby at home who’s still using a bottle, you’re in luck. Get out that baby bottle warmer, fill it with an ounce of water and drop in your jar of honey:
If your jar doesn’t fit. That’s ok. Set it in the top as best you can and let that steam go to work. A bottle warmer is perfect for this because it gently heats the honey and it’s made so that it won’t melt plastic bottles, so if you’ve a got plastic little bear, his ass won’t melt.

By the time your oatmeal is done, your honey will be perfectly liquid allowing you to easily add it completing a delicious breakfast.

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